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Sheet masks have taken over the skincare industry in recent years, and for good reason — There are so many benefits of sheet masks!  Besides being an effective way to improve the appearance of your skin, I also think they’re fun and relaxing.  Typically, they are soaked in highly concentrated serums packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and ultra-moisturizing ingredients.  They are specifically made from paper fibers that seal to your skin to infuse nourishment directly into it.  Here’s the most effective ways to use sheet masks and their benefits.

Benefits of Sheet Masks

How to Properly Use Sheet Masks

If you want to reap the benefits of using sheet masks in your skincare routine, there’s a few things you should know.  There is an order of operations!  First, you will want to thoroughly cleanse your skin.  I like to use a make-up remover wipe, followed by my cleanser.  These Collagen Wipes are my absolute fave if you need a recommendation.

Collagen Make Up Remover Wipes

Once your skin is nice and clean, it’s time to gently exfoliate and tone.  Both of these steps are crucial as they prepare your pores to receive all the benefits of sheet masks.  The vitamins and nutrients are absorbed much better if they have a more even playing field to start.  However, be sure not to over-exfoliate.  Once or twice a week is all that’s recommended to prevent over-drying.  If you have recently exfoliated, skip this step and just apply toner instead.

You are now ready to pull out your sheet mask and begin!  Most masks require that you leave them on for 15-20 minutes, including these masks that I love from ESW Beauty.

Raw Juice Cleanse Mask Set

Once your 20 minutes are complete, remove the mask, rub any remaining liquid from the mask into your face, and then finish up with moisturizer.  If there’s extra serum left in the packaging, make good use of it by applying it to your arms, legs, chest, etc. Use every drop!

And here’s a fun pro-tip, try putting your sheet mask in the fridge for 20-30 minutes beforehand. This helps de-puff and reduce inflammation while you’re infusing all the nutrients from the mask.

Cut The Sheet Mask To Fit Your Face

To receive the full benefits of sheet masks, it’s important that they lie flat against your skin without bubbles or creases. Most sheet masks are one size fits all, which means they may not always fit your face properly.  However, we can easily fix this problem by making three small cuts on the mask.

Where to cut a sheet mask

First, cut the space between the eye holes horizontally.  This allows you to move the mask around your eyes and forehead as needed. Secondly, cut the upper lip section in half right under the nose.  You can then pull the two pieces together and overlap them so they fit snugly above your lips. Lastly, cut the chin section in half vertically under your lips.  Gather these two pieces and overlap them if needed as well.  Now the mask should fit much better!

Benefits of Sheet Masks

There are several reasons why I love a sheet mask, and I know you will too!  They are not made to replace your current skincare routine, but to enhance it, so it’s important to know the benefits of sheet masks before you try them.

1. Convenience and Relaxation:

Since sheet masks require a good 15-20 minutes of your time, I love to relax while I do them.  I like to read, scroll on social media, and just take a few minutes to myself.  They are easy to use and require zero mixing or tools.  Being prepackaged and ready to go makes them convenient for travel or everyday use.

Benefits of Sheet Masks

2. Targeted Skincare:

Sheet masks come in a variety of formulas that cater to different needs, such as dryness, aging, acne, and uneven tone.  This allows you to choose a mask that specifically addresses your skincare needs.  Whether you want to soothe irritated skin (try the fridge trick!), minimize pores, hydrate, or firm up, there is likely a sheet mask designed to target your concerns.

Raw Juice Cleanse Mask Set

3. Nourishment and Vitality:

Sheet masks are often infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts.  These ingredients can nourish your skin, promote cell growth, and enhance its vitality.  They may help brighten dull skin, reduce signs of fatigue, and improve overall complexion.  Once you’re finished with your mask, use a moisturizer to lock in the nourishment that your skin just received.

4. Increased Absorption:

Because the mask creates a physical barrier on the skin, it provides better absorption of the active ingredients. This helps drive the ingredients deeper into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness and delivering better results compared to traditional creams.  This Matcha Almond Milk Radiance Mask is one of the best I’ve tried.  I will sometimes start my day with it as it gives me a moisturized glow that I just love.

Matcha Almond Milk Sheet Mask

5. Deep Hydration:

Because of their design and concentrated serums, sheet masks penetrate deep into the skin.  This provides intense hydration, helping replenish moisture and improve texture.  Sheet masks are sometimes recommended after other treatments like peels as they can help restore lost moisture.  However, it’s important to ask your doctor before doing so.  If you’re looking to add moisture, try a sheet mask with hyaluronic acid or avocado once or twice a week.

Do You Use Sheet Masks?

Now that you know the benefits of sheet masks, will you be adding them to your skincare routine?  Or, if you already love sheet masks like I do, let me know your favorite ones in the comments!


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