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Are you new to cooking and need to learn How to Mince Garlic by Hand?  This simple tutorial is a great place to learn!  Minced garlic is in many popular recipes, and is a real game-changer when it comes to adding flavor to a meal.  While many of us go to the pantry for that garlic powder, fresh minced garlic is so much better!

A jar of minced garlic is easy to buy, but fresh garlic chopped by hand is so much cheaper. Why not learn how today?

How to Mince Garlic by Hand

How to Mince Garlic by Hand

I have been cooking for so long, that I often forget that these basic kitchen skills are a lost art.  Many individuals only move to buy minced garlic already prepared in a jar in the produce section.  While that works wonderfully, it isn’t always the best for deep flavor.  Of course, the real reason I like preparing garlic fresh by hand is all about the cost saved.

Begin by picking a single garlic clove

The head of garlic is made up of many garlic cloves, it is easy to simply snap one clove off the head for this purpose.

Next, peel the garlic clove

To peel a garlic clove, you can pull the “skin” away by hand, or you can lay the clove on a cutting board and using the flat side of a knife, smash the clove.  This helps remove the skin easily and begins the process of cutting.

Safely use a sharp knife

A sharp knife is a wonderful kitchen tool, but it can be dangerous when slicing or dicing small items.  By smashing the clove of garlic to peel the skin, you have already begun the process.  Next, you just slice into smaller pieces like you would any vegetable

A chef knife makes mincing easy

Last, you can line those slices up to slice at a different angle to create small minced pieces.  If you prefer, you can simply use a rocking motion with the knife to go over the garlic multiple times to create small pieces that aren’t quite as uniform in size, but still minced.

A Garlic Press

If you have strength in your hands or simply wanting to get children involved in the kitchen, a garlic press is a great tool to have in your kitchen!

How much minced garlic is one clove? 

Each minced clove of garlic is equal to 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of minced garlic.  This will vary slightly depending on the size of the garlic clove.

How to preserve minced garlic

The top methods of preserving minced garlic are to freeze, can, or store in oil.  Canning would be done following proper safe canning methods.  Storing in oil is done typically as a method to refrigerate for an extended period of time.

When doing so, you can safely place the minced garlic into a clean and sterilized jar along with fresh olive oil, cover securely and place in the refrigerator for up to three months.

How to freeze garlic

The easiest way to preserve minced garlic is by freezing it.  You can place into an ice cube tray and freeze into cubes to be thrown into dishes as you cook.  You can also place into a freezer bag, then flatten that out and freeze flat.  When you need garlic, you can open the bag and simply knock off a small portion and throw into the skillet or stockpot.

Favorite recipes with garlic

Check out some of my favorite recipes that use fresh minced garlic for added flavor!


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