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One of the first kitchen skills everyone should learn is How to Chop an Onion.  Alongside learning how to chop it, I am also showing you how to slice an onion and create onion rings.  These are commonly needed techniques when cooking many common recipes.  Check out the video tutorial below along with our written directions.

Onions laying on a table partially sliced with a knife to represent how to cut an onion

How to Chop an Onion

One of the first things I ever learned in the kitchen was how to chop an onion.  Since so many recipes have onions in the ingredients, it was a must.  I realize not everyone has the experience in the kitchen that I do, so it was important for me to share some basic tips with others who want to learn how to chop, slice, or dice an onion.

To chop an onion: 

Slice the onion in half from stem to stem.  You will cut off one end on each half, then peel off the skin.  Once the onions are peeled, you will then slice across the onion from front to stem, leaving the stem intact.  You want to slice lengthwise every 1/2″ until it has been sliced all the way across the onion.  Next, you will slide your knife through the middle horizontally until just before the stem.  Finally, you will slice horizontally every 1/2″ until you reach the stem.

To slice an onion: 

To slice an onion, you will slice the onion in half from stem to stem.  Cut off both ends(stems) of the onion and then peel both halves.  Next, you will slice every 1/4″-1/1″ lengthwise until you have sliced the entire onion.  Be careful tucking fingers in for safety, and turning the onion when needed to prevent cutting your fingers.

How to chop onions to make onion rings: 

Begin by cutting off both stem ends of the onion.  Next, you will peel the onion and carefully slice every 1/2″ creating rings.  If possible, use a vegetable holding fork or tool to keep your fingers safe and to steady the onion so it won’t roll while you are cutting.


How long do onions last? 

Onions that are still intact and in their skin will typically last 1-2 months in the summer months when stored in a climate-controlled area.  During the winter months with lower temperatures and less humidity, they will last up to six months in similar storage conditions.

Chopped onions will last up to one week in an airtight container in the refrigerator.  If frozen, onions will last 3-4 months in an airtight freezer storage bag or container.

How to store cut onions? 

If storing onions in the refrigerator, the best options are to store in plastic storage bags that have been doubled, or in an airtight storage container.  Tupperware makes an onion storage container just for keeping onion halves fresh in the refrigerator.  The important part is to make sure it has a tight seal and is covered well so the onion smell doesn’t seep out into your refrigerator and cause other foods to lose their flavor.

Recipes featuring onions

Onions are a wonderful addition to most savory recipes.  When roasted or caramelized, you can add an even richer depth of flavor.  I love adding them to recipes to include more flavor, texture, and bulk.  Below are some of my favorite recipes featuring onions as a key ingredient.

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