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We’ve got BIG news at Our Farmer House – We Bought a Farm!

You might be saying to yourself, “I thought you already had one?” While our home does sit on 18 acres, and we do have cows, chickens, alpacas, and horses as pets, this is completely different. When we bought our original property, we built our dream home, absolutely loved it, and thought that would be it. We were more than content with what we’d done for our family.

We bought a farm Brooke and Daron

However, over time, we had become good friends with our neighbors across the street, Ed and Donna. They have been farmers for 50 years and have the most beautiful farm. They come over for the holidays, for dinners, and we love talking to them and soaking up their knowledge. So, when they told us they were approached by a home developer to buy their farm, we were surprised. But when they told us they were going to accept the offer, we were stunned.

We also knew in our hearts that we should buy it instead. We prayed and talked to Ed and Donna, and they agreed to sell it to us. Not knowing how we’d get the money, we walked by faith, and we bought it!

Daron, Brooke, Ed, and Donna at closing for the farm

Our Hearts For the Farm

Honestly, Daron and I want to keep the property as a fully working farm. We are not skilled farmers by any means, so this new undertaking has a large learning curve for us. But, our hearts are to bring awareness to the agri-community, continue the legacy of farming the land, and teach our kids the value of growing produce, sustainability, and raising cattle.

We bought a farm: Hay for Sale

It’s also important that we honor what Ed and Donna have done the past 43 years that they’ve owned this land. We know selling wasn’t easy, and we are so grateful they entrust us to carry on what they’ve started.

We Bought a Farm Seed & Supplies Sign

Ed and Donna have taught us so much about hard work and long days. Their typical workday starts at 5:30 am and ends around 10:30 pm. That’s a lot of dedication for 43 years! Daron and I know we have our hands full as we slowly transition the workload to us, but we’re up for the challenge. We’re also thankful that Ed and Donna are moving down the street so we can pick their brains when we need help.

Ed's Tractor

We Bought a Farm: Plans for the Future

Because Daron is a home builder, we also want to use his gifts on a small portion of the farm. We’re excited to announce that we’re building Nine Custom Farmstead Estate Lots that are two acres each. You can build your dream farmhouse with us and be our neighbor! We’d absolutely love for you to join our farm community.

Batavia Zoning Meeting

And, speaking of community, we want to extend a very sincere thank you to ours who came out in support when re-zoning this section of the land. That includes Ed and Donna.

There are also two very large barn structures on the property that Daron will be remodeling and renovating, as well as several other small structures we’ve fallen in love with. Our goal is to repurpose them into functional spaces that benefit the other dreams we have for the property. My absolute favorite building is this corn crib. Ed’s family built it in the 1930s themselves and we can’t see it go to waste!

Ed's Corn Crib

With everyone’s support, we have so many dreams of what the property could be. We hope to host events like fall festivals, Christmas lights at the farm, and a farmer’s market to shop from. We want to give back and build our community up in many ways. Our biggest dream is to eventually build a farm to table restaurant utilizing our own produce!

We Bought a Farm Produce

A portion of the land will also be sectioned off for cattle, which will be raised primarily for meat in a humane, sustainable way. It’s important that everything that we set out to do be managed correctly.

The Journey Has Just Begun

While we’re super excited about this news, I can honestly tell you I’m still shocked that we bought a farm! Never in our wildest dreams did we see this for ourselves, but we are all in and ready to go. I’m just as excited to share this journey with you – what we learn, how we grow, and why we do what we do! Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward in this new venture.  And, if you’re interested in becoming our neighbor, you can email me directly at [email protected]!


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