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Recently, Farmer Contracting was contacted to renovate a master and a shared bathroom for a family in Cincinnati. While these bathrooms were in good working condition, they didn’t match the homeowner’s desired aesthetic. Both had outdated elements like carpet and basic builder-grade showers and vanities. Instead, our homeowner dreamed of beautiful tile-work and a contemporary bathtub.

The After: Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel

Once we had our initial consultation with the client, we presented a budget and schedule. We received approval and started demolition the following week. This Before and After Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel came together in about 45 days.

The Before

During every review with a client, we take photos to document exactly what changes they wish to make. In this case, it didn’t take long for us to realize that we would be completely renovating both existing bathrooms.

The master bathroom had carpeted floors and a corner garden bathtub that butted up against the shower. While some people may love the layout and functionality of this bathroom, we knew we could open it up for a more comfortable experience. We also planned to add more storage by eliminating the built-in seating space in the vanity.

Before Cincinnati  Bathroom Remodel
Before Family Bathroom

This layout of the family bathroom functioned, but the homeowner was also looking for more deluxe finishes. We determined that we would replace the vinyl faux-tile squares, vanity, countertops, and the combination bathtub/shower. Again, we would be renovating practically everything!

Once we were on the same page aesthetically, we ordered the product needed to begin the remodel process.

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

A bathroom remodel typically takes between 3 and 10 weeks. A basic half-bath remodel or pull-and-replace bathroom tends to be on the shorter side. However, a fully customized master bath can take 6 weeks or longer. To determine the length of your project, ask the following questions:

  • Are you moving or changing the plumbing?
  • Are you moving or adding electrical?
  • What are the lead times on products that you’re ordering?
  • Are you installing custom tile or vanities?
  • Is there water damage that needs to be repaired?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, expect to add time to your remodel schedule. Your contractor should be able to give you an estimated timeline after your first consultation.

The Process

The process of this Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel is pretty straightforward. First, we removed anything that needed to replaced. In this case, we basically stripped everything down to the walls and sub-floor. Since these bathrooms both needed extensive tile work for the floors and showers, we started there.

Tile install

Our client choose a variety of tiles in the gray, white, and black color palettes for the master. After waterproofing and laying the floor and shower tile, we proceeded to install the modern bathtub and vanities.

Contemporary Bathtun

We updated the lighting fixtures, added floating shelves, applied wallpaper, and any other cosmetic finishes the client needed. Lastly, we hooked up the plumbing and made sure everything worked properly. While these steps might appear simple, it’s crucial to check the quality of work throughout the process. As we progress, we ensure that our work complies with code and that our clients like what they see.

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The After

The shared family bathroom turned out absolutely beautiful. From start to finish, we updated everything, including the shower and floor tile, countertops, and mirrors.

The master bathroom also had quite the transformation! The contemporary vanity complements the bathtub and shower beautifully, while providing better storage as well.

considering a bathroom remodel?

The first step to remodeling your bathroom is finding the right contractor. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, we’d love to help you out! Find us here at Farmer Contracting to check out more of our work or to get in touch.

What do you think of this Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel? Let us know in the comments!


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